Family Name: Attie


I have a question concerning the family name “Attie”. This name belonged to my great grandfather. True? It is also the middle name of my father. Where does this name come from? How many “Atties” are there in the family?

It is my understanding this family name is a derivative of “Atlas” and that Atlas means “long suffering”. Is that true? How many people named Atlas or Attie are there in the family tree?

6 Responses to “Family Name: Attie”

  1. floyd3219 Says:

    The Family Name Attie
    As far as I know, the name Attie or Attless only appears in the Wilkes family tree in two generations; mine and my grandfather’s. My grandfather was named William Attless Wilkes. He was a son of William Elkins Wilkes and Nancy Angeline Scott. I am not sure where they got the middle name for their son, nevertheless, throughout his life he known as Attie. Neither am I sure why he went by Attie. Possibly it was to distinguish him from his father who had the same first name. Incidentally, this is the reason we referred our son Floyd Carlton as Carl during his earlier years. Or perhaps Grandpa Wilkes did not like the longer form of his name, Attless, because it sounds like Atlas, a character from Greek mythology who had exceptional strength and was supposed to be responsible for holding up the world. I have never known what his reasons were, but Attie was the name he used.

    When I was born, my parents decided to name me after my grandfather and gave me a middle name that was supposed to have been the same as his. For the first 16 years of my life, my parents told me my middle name was Attless. I still have in my possession a Book of Mormon that was given to me by my brother in 1945 with the name Floyd Attless Wilkes embossed on it. When I was about 16, I ordered a birth certificate and when it came, I was surprised to find the middle name on the certificate was not Attless as I had been told but Attie. So since that time I have used Attie as my middle name.

  2. fcwilkes Says:

    Thanks, for the reply Dad. Very interesting!

  3. jeffwilkes Says:

    Hunter’s middle name is Attless. So, disregard what Dad says ’cause he’s either a liar or old and senile. 😉

  4. wwilkes Says:

    There is another Attless in the family. Hunter was named after his Grandpa just as Floyd was named after his Grandpa. In keeping with the tradition of naming after the Grandpa while also not naming exactly after the Grandpa, we swapped to the non-nickname version – Hunter Attless Wilkes.

  5. floyd3219 Says:

    I had forgotten that Hunter’s middle name is Attless, but I won’t speculate as to the how or why of the memory loss. Thanks for reminding me.

  6. jeffwilkes Says:

    Now, what was it you said the signs of aging were … I forget?

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