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Hi, I thought I’d let you know that I’ve posted Grandpa’s family pedigree online at: W.L. Wilkes Ancestors. Please take a peek.

You might notice that the line stops with Benjamin Wilkes m. Temerpance Hand; however, there’s more. You can look at this line by Doris Ross Johnston: More W.L. Wilkes Ancestors

She’s published a book and has more information on Benjamin’s ancestors. Doris maintains a web site on our ancestors here:Our English Origins.

She’s done a good deal of research that we’ve enjoyed–thanks Doris.

3 Responses to “Family Pedigree On-line at”

  1. fcwilkes Says:

    Nice work Brad. It is a great start, but seems in need of additional information to make a complete record. Do we have information going back beyond Benjamin Wilks? Can anyone edit the entries at rootsweb?

  2. wilkeswb Says:


    Yes, we do have additional information and it can be found in the line published by Doris Ross Johnston with link above.

    Rootsweb is, unfortunately, an older website and as such doesn’t provide any features for editing of information. In fact, I uploaded the information from Personal Ancestral File (PAF) and now the information is somewhat orphaned because I haven’t been able to get back to the same account to update my e-mail address.

    I’ve heard of that does provide for secure posting of family tree’s with editing. I’m interested to know what you think of website. It’s free and private and web 2.0ish. I’m interested to know what you think of it’s collaboration features? Privacy? etc….


  3. wwilkes Says:

    Using various sites I and collecting the data all on I was able to track quite far back. It starts with Drew and moves out from there. If you have access to that site it may be worth a look. On the Bird side I was able to go back all the way to ancient Rome – believe me THAT was a ton of fun.

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