More wisdom for today from Eva M. Wilkes


Good Things to Learn

Learn to laugh:

A good laugh is better than medicine.

Learn to attend to your own business:

Few men can do that well.

Learn to say kind things:

Nobody ever resents them.

Learn to avoid hasty remarks:

They cause much of the world’s trouble.

Learn to stop grumbling:

See some good in the world or keep the bad to yourself.

When I was growing up, I always heard this one as:

If you can’t say something nice it is better to say nothing at all.

Learn to hide aches with a smile:

Nobody is much interested anyway.

And above all, learn to smile:

It pays.


A poem

I saw Tomorrow marching by

On little children’s feet.

Within their forms and faces

Read her prophecy complete.


I saw Tomorrow look at me

From little children’s eyes

And thought how carefully

We’d teach if we were wise.

Author unknown


One Response to “More wisdom for today from Eva M. Wilkes”

  1. wilkeswb Says:


    You’re quote from Eva made me realize that we don’t have a picture of grandma and grandpa on this site. Should we put one here?

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