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More wisdom for today from Eva M. Wilkes

February 29, 2008

Good Things to Learn

Learn to laugh:

A good laugh is better than medicine.

Learn to attend to your own business:

Few men can do that well.

Learn to say kind things:

Nobody ever resents them.

Learn to avoid hasty remarks:

They cause much of the world’s trouble.

Learn to stop grumbling:

See some good in the world or keep the bad to yourself.

When I was growing up, I always heard this one as:

If you can’t say something nice it is better to say nothing at all.

Learn to hide aches with a smile:

Nobody is much interested anyway.

And above all, learn to smile:

It pays.


A poem

I saw Tomorrow marching by

On little children’s feet.

Within their forms and faces

Read her prophecy complete.


I saw Tomorrow look at me

From little children’s eyes

And thought how carefully

We’d teach if we were wise.

Author unknown