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8 Responses to “Contributions Welcome! Please Participate”

  1. owilkes Says:

    I’m curious about Temperance Hand, who was married to Benjamin Wilkes. Any relation to Judge Billings Learned Hand of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, or his cousin, Judge Augustus Noble Hand, also a judge on the same court?

    Judge Learned Hand was very famous (one of the most influential judges who didn’t serve on the Supreme Court). He pretty much started the law and economics movement. How could I find out if there was any relation?

  2. owilkes Says:

    Another story I’m curious about. I remember my dad telling me something about W.L. Wilkes not buying land around Signal Hill, which is the oil property that Getty got rich off. Is there anything to this?

  3. wilkeswb Says:

    o’ I have some Hand information that I’ll have to lookup and direct you too. I don’t know if we’re related or not but it is sure worth looking into. I have a Hand contact that I can forward to you that may have the answer. Interested?

  4. owilkes Says:

    Yes, please send to me. Thanks!

  5. floyd3219 Says:

    I don’t have a ready answer to your questions about Judge Billings Learned Hand and Judge Augustus Noble Hand and it will probably require some research to answer these questions. Brad’s post may lead you to something. It is interesting to see where relationships can lead, isn’t it?

    As to your question about Signal Hill, this probably mostly folklore. Here is what we know. In 1915 W. L. Wilkes’ (Roy’s) family, i.e. parents (W. A. and Josie Wilkes) and siblings visited California from their home in Montana. In addition to a vacation and visiting with relatives there, they had in mind the possibility of relocating to California. They had recently sold their farming property in Montana and were looking for a place to which to relocate so while there spent some time looking for property. So far the story is pretty accurate but I am not sure how accurate the next part of the story is, but according to the story, W. A. looked at some property in the vicinity of Signal Hill but decided against it, because it simply did not look like good farming property, something about all the black stuff oozing out of the ground that would make it difficult to grow crops. Anyway, whether fact or fiction, it makes a good family story given that in hindsight we know what happened with property in that area.

    I have in my possession some writing by my Grandmother, Josie Wilkes wherein she talks about the earlier part of her life including this a description of this trip to California. She describes the trip but not the part about looking at this property. As soon as I get it transcribed, which will take another few days, I plan to post it on this blog. Watch for it and it should fill-in some details of your history.

  6. owilkes Says:

    Regarding Judge Learned Hand, I managed to figure this out through a combination of the Hand Cousins Yahoo group and Rootsweb.

    Here’s the Learned Hand line:

    1. John the emigrant
    2. James
    3. James
    4. Samuel
    5. Nathan
    6. Samuel
    7. Augustus C. (judge)
    8. Samuel (judge)
    9. Billings Learned (judge)

    Here’s the Temperance Hand line:

    1. John the emigrant
    2. Stephen
    3. Samuel
    4. Johnathan
    5. Uriah
    6. Samuel
    7. Elkin
    8. Temperance

    So basically we’re not related until you get to John the emigrant. Stephen and James were brothers. Still, pretty cool. 🙂

  7. floyd3219 Says:

    This is great information, Olivia, and it reveals one other interesting piece of information regarding family names. My great grandparents, the parents of William Attless Wilkes, were William Elkins Wilkes and Nancy Angeline Scott. William Elkins was the son of Benjamin Wilkes and Temperance Hand and was evidently named (at least in part) after his maternal grandfather, Elkin Hand, the 7th generation from John the emigrant shown in your post. This is really interesting stuff when you get into it.

  8. owilkes Says:

    Yes, I had that thought too when I saw the names. It is very interesting.

    I also traced the Wilkes line back, and it looks like our immigrant ancestor was Francis Wilks, born in 1699 or 1700. It’s really neat to know more about that.

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