Floyd A. Wilkes, an Autobiography


For sometime now, I have been thinking that I should record something about my life for anyone who may be interested. I view my life as having been really quite ordinary in many ways. It has not been filled with earth shaking events nor stories of the type that fill the pages of the daily newspaper. But if there are those who are interested in the life I have lived while on the earth, I am guessing these folks will be found primarily among the persons who visit the Wilkes Blog.

I plan to use this page on the Wilkes Blog to publish this personal history. More than just a simple relating of the historical events that have transpired in my life, I hope to convey to you, the reader, some of the thoughts and feelings I have experienced surrounding these events. I have already written some parts of my history and I will be publishing them in installments. I hope to be adding a new installment to the blog every week or two or three. As each installment is added to the blog, it will be found as a sub-page under this page.

As you read an installment, I invite you to comment on it. If I have been inaccurate with names or dates or places or the description of events or in any other way, please let me know. If you have suggestions I am anxious to hear them. If what I write triggers a memory for you, please recount it in your own comments if you are so inclined. I believe all of this only serves to make the work richer and more interesting.

Cordially, Floyd A. Wilkes



2 Responses to “Floyd A. Wilkes, an Autobiography”

  1. Brad Says:

    Wonderful, I think this is great–please write and also post pictures, video, and audio. I’m absolutely interested in your Autobiography. I’m interested in the Stories of your childhood, your teenage years, your mission and early married life. I’d like to read your description of meeting Mother. I’d like to know more about your relationship to your brother, Bill and Sisters. Yes, yes, please write, post, upload and share.

  2. owilkes Says:

    Wow, that is great! I am really looking forward to reading it! And what a cool format too. 🙂

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