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Bejamin Wilkes & Temperance Hand

March 6, 2008

For those of you following the comments by Olivia on the relationship to the Hands (comments here), here’s a link that provides more information: Wilkes/Hand Information. This information is published by Doris Ross Johnston & Patsy Hand. ¬† Doris¬† has done many years of Wilkes/Wilks research. She’s also published a book titled: Wilks and Young Families, Texas Pioneers: maternal lines, Pfeiffer, Whitesides, Mead, Newman, Marrs, Kerr. If you click on the title you’ll see a list of the Libraries that carry the book. It has artifacts and research that show Benjamin’s Father and Grandfathers. Doris can be reached at e-mail: (please use regular e-mail format when sending to her e.g. You also may be interested to know that her first cousin, Randal Wilks had his DNA recently tested by the Wilkes Project. Follow the link to see the results. Doris has asked that a Wilkes from our branch also get tested. I’ve agreed to be tested. While many of the scientist in the family can describe the meaning of this DNA test better than I can, I like the way the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation describes it. It’s interesting to see all the activity on the Internet associated with Family History (Ok, so I’m not quite objective about it but I haven’t reached the weird phase have I?).